Why Some Married Couples Do NOT Live Together


Many of us have realized that with the new millennium, relationships like many other things have evolved to becoming more unconventional or modern. Just because you are married to someone and are connected with him or her spiritually, emotionally and physically does not necessarily mean that you could tolerate living with your spouse. In addition, just because you are in love with someone does not mean that is the person you should marry.


Now, I am not anti love or marriage for that matter, but I do believe that as our society evolves, so must our perception of relationships. And it seems as though society feels the same. According to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau in October 2006 legally married heterosexual monogamous marriages are no longer the majority in American households, on the other hand various forms of marriage – like couples have continued to flourish. With younger people choosing not to marry and the divorce rates climbing, it is time that society began entertaining the idea of unconventional relationships.


Yadhira Ramirez newlywed, and mother of four has no desire to live with her military wife Debbie Ramirez. Yadhira proposed to her now wife when she came home to visit her in Tampa, Florida for her military holiday leave on January 3, 2016, which was their one-year anniversary.


“ I choose not to be in an in town relationship because that way I don’t have the responsibilities of a day to day relationship, but I still have the love, the connection, the butterflies, the intimate time together when we have it. I have a friendship with someone that I can relate to, and that I am completely comfortable with that I do not have to cook for, answer to, run things by or pick up after. Its actually pretty amazing.” – Yadhira Ramirez


So, what exactly defines a “ traditional” marriage? Is it solely between man and women, or is it that along with cohabitating with one another. Generally when the word marriage is used, people envision a man and a women, joined together in a religious matrimony, who are living together monogamously in one household and raising children together. Traditional situations can definitely work for some but also is not for everybody. Currently since we are exposed to so much, we get bored easier and need something to keep the fire burning to keep relationships well rounded. For that reason, a more modern or non-traditional relationship may be the key to long-term relationship success. This may include being married but living separately, having an open marriage, living together only part of the year, having a common law marriage, or any other situation that works best for that particular couples situation.

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  1. The traditional marriage filled with (morals) and unconditional love is a a tough steak to chew. But like all other moral and team players in the game its about the sacrifice (winning) which is so hard to do now days because a lot of men in a monetary position above their partner feel that they’re above the very thing that got them to this point in their lives; picking up behind themselves, every now and again washing a dish; not just contribute to making the baby, but hands on rising the baby to adult hood. We all are here because of a male and female (nothing in between) the only way to be alive on this earth as human; but it’s not good enough to substsain a life. WOW, but I get it, it is exalting always being the sacrificial lamb, the door mate, the nurturer without a break. So, let’s now teach our kids that although it took a male and a female to get you here something so miraculous as giving life (a woman and a man), but the life trusted with a woman, because most men wouldn’t carry it full term. The planet would never have the abundance of people it does. This is what the sanctity of marriage (togetherness) suppose to bring about. A humbleness, to set aside self and see others. But you got it right, the new way of living, has come because of the flaws of a traditional relationship. But is it right?

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