Tampa Bay Author Award Ceremony and Book Gala: Appetizers, Fine Wine and Books that are Divine.



The Second Annual Authors Award Ceremony and Book Gala, (Held at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Tampa, FL) Included networking, bottomless wine, endless appetizers and poetry, along with it’s main purpose of featuring published authors from the Tampa Bay area, who are making a difference in their communities with their books.

Several people mentioned the impact that the backstories of the authors nominated publishing’s had on them as they walked around to each station display speaking with the authors one on one.


“There aren’t many functions like this where you get to speak to each author to see where their head was when they decided to write their books” – Dr. Tracy Smith, PhD (Author of Modern IV Wellness)


The main sponsor behind the event, Tara Richter owner of Richter Publishing, says that the reason they have the award ceremony is to not only recognize the authors that are published through her company, but to also have somewhat of a book launch party to get the authors more publicity (This is a service unique to her publishing house). The categories up for awards were, Best Title – Most Inspirational Story – Best Self-Help Book – Amazon Best Seller – Amazon Hot New Release – Best Cover – Best Overall Book.



 “Each author nominated has wonderful stories to tell, and are motivational and informative in their own way.” – Gen. Dobson (Author of Failing Successfully and Manage Your Student Loan Debt)


With everyone’s bellies full of food and wine, the evening continued with the awards ceremony, poetry performance, and raffle giveaways. The evening concluded with continuous networking and accolades to the winning authors. Mrs. Tara Richter was kind enough to speak with us here at Metreaux Underground after the event, and gave us the drop on a non-profit company that she is starting called Books At Sea.



“The whole premise behind Books At Sea is something where were going to take a cruise one a year with published authors, and do a launch party like today but on a cruise ship. We’re going to go to a different destination, probably the Caribbean, and donate books to a library in a third world country, and donate the proceeds of the raffle from the awards ceremony to help spread literacy across the globe one cruise at a time.”

And the winners are….

Best Self-Help Book:
3 Pillars of Strength – Jeffrey White

Best Cover:
The Little Amazonian – Miroslava Espinosa

Best Title:
OMG! What’s the Focus? – The Kyes Family

Most Inspirational Story:
How I Survived the Killing Fields – Sarouep Im

Amazon #1 Best Seller & Hot New Release:
Plaintiff 101 – Karen Mertes & Michael Harvey

Best Overall Book:
Pink Hell – Dr. Melissa Bailey




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