Style and Drive

Terrance Wilson, owner and founder of Ride and Shine Mobile Detailing, and Lakeland, FL native, wanted the working class to still be able to enjoy the luxury and comfort of having a nice clean car. “ I realized that a lot of people are working at the time other detailing companies are open, so I decided to make it convenient and bring the detailing to them.” Although the company is based out of Lakeland, FL, Ri12065492_745183392276050_7515962833453734839_n de and Shine has a customer base that spans from its founding city to all of the metro Tampa bay area. The company details all types of mobile vehicles such as RV’s, boats, buses, SUV’s, trucks, and cars. Another faucet to the company is their new pressure washing service both commercial and domestic. So no matter where you are, you could get your motor vehicle detailed and get your business or home pressure washed.


Ride and Shine Mobile Detailing, where the slogan is ‘There’s no job that’s too big or too small’, is in its second year, and is working on franchising to the central Florida area with their second detailing truck that will be run by Taiwan Hillary, Terrance’s business partner of 5 months. Ride and Shine is Terrance’s second business venture the first being Diva Style Fashion Boutique that’s been in business for 4years, and is also located in Lakeland, FL. Diva Style Fashion Boutique whose motto is ‘ Dare to be Different’ caters to women of all shapes and sizes, and is one of the first business of its nature in that area for a one stop shop for women’s apparel, accessories, handbags, shape wear, lingerie, swimwear and hats. Terrance Wilson is a flourishing local business owner whose definitely someone to look out for, and has two largely dynamic businesses that you should check out if you’re in the Metro Tampa Bay, FL area.



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