New Media Gift or Threat?


New Media is the marriage of traditional and new age journalism. It’s incorporation into existing media companies and outlets, expand the way we communicate with our audience as journalist and our loved ones as consumers. It’s been said that New Media is a threat to learning and communication, and poses a challenge to conventional media. But lets highlight how it’s enlightened and expanded the traditional market. Generally when casting for movie roles, actors/actresses must attend a casting audition call, and if for any reason you aren’t able to make the audition, unfortunately, that’s just an opportunity that you missed out on.

Two out of the five main characters in the highest grossing music biopic of all time, Straight out of Compton Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins, landed their roles via Skype, not to mention co-star O’Shea Jackson Jr. had a lot of Skype coaching form his father when he was away shooting Ride Along 2.

“For the first bit of the film, my dad (Ice Cube) was filming “Ride Along 2,” so he would Skype me on an iPad while I was on set every day, before each one of my scenes to let me know where his head was at”.

Not only is new media an expansion for media companies and affiliates. It also expands communication on a personal level, especially for the many families that have a loved one serving in the armed forces. For example Sgt. Theron Scott who was able to witness the birth of his baby boy while stationed in Afghanistan. “Being able to get on Skype and see the baby born was the closest thing that I could possibly imagine without actually being there.”

New Media isn’t meant to be a threat, but, to expand communication making it as personable as possible when you cant physically be present. It allows more intimacy than a phone call, and has proven to be the next best thing to being physically present. What’s your take on New Media? Has it changed communication for better or for worst?


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