Mic. Cords for the D.I.Y Musician

Ever wonder how you can save money on mic. Cords and not have to sacrifice length for it? I have the perfect solution, make it yourself, it’s easy, I promise. Before getting into the instructions there are a few tools that you will need, these tools are, a mic. Cable of your brand choice and length, solder, solder machine, cable clippers, a clip to hold the cable in place for soldering, an x-acto knife, XLR connectors and a pointy object to help separate the wires for easy soldering. Now you are ready make your own mic cable. First, you will use the cable clippers to make the cable whatever length you desire.

Second, use the x-acto knife and make two slits that are about 1in apart at whatever end of the cable you choose. After making those slits carefully pull that rubber off revealing the wires, Once you have the wire revealed, slide the plastic XLR placeholder over it. Third, you will need your pointy object to remove the shield from around your conductors, if your shield is solid you simply cut it off, but if it’s woven you will use your pointy object to undo the shield strand by strand, and wind it together so that it will for in your conductor.

Fourth, you will need to strip and tend the wires; you do this by making a small 1/2 in pinch on each wire, and pull that section off revealing the copper part of the conductors. Next, you want to twist the two like colors together, as well as their copper tips. Now we are finally ready to solder the conductors to the XLR connector, holding the XLR connector in place with your clamp, pin one will be the ground, pin two being white (or hot), and pin three being which ever other color you have left, since the third color varies depending on the brand of your cable. Then use the soldering machine and solder to solidify each wire.

Finally take the medal cover of the XLR connector and slide it over the joint until you feel it’s firmly into place and cant be pulled out easily, then slide the plastic protector (Also known as the strain relief up to cover the exposed wires, then slide rubber protector up and screw it to the metal piece. Follow these same instructions for the other end and you are ready for business!



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