A man of Many faces

Many of us are familiar with the term ” Jack of All Trades”, and more than likely know someone who completely embodies the definition. Not as in a master of none, but a person that is competent with many skills. that is exactly the story for Louisiana native Craig Lee, whose the owner of Creole Soul Catering Company, an empowerment life coach, runs two non profits and the list goes on.

Before being an entrepreneur, Craig worked in corporate America for three of the largest fortune 500 companies and secured his Financial Securities Licenses in 1993 and became a Municipal Bond Broker for McGlaughlin, Piven, Vogel Securities in Atlanta, GA.


Craig’s delicious meat pies of Creole Soul come filled with an array of meat choices from turkey, beef and chicken with or without cheese. The Creole Soul menu ties together the cultural history of Shreveport, LA as well as that of certain food traditions of northern Louisiana. The menu also contains a special dessert The Bean Pie, a sweet, delectable dessert made from navy beans (A must try).

To order some of Creole Soul’s Louisiana meat pies and get a little dose of Shreveport history contact: Craig B. Lee@ 318-779-3087.




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