Grabbing the Reigns at 16


When Ashlee Blow, LPN at Shreveport Endoscopy Center, was 16yrs old, her mother Lynette Blow was found guilty for solicitation of murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison. That very moment changed her life.


“ When I heard the verdict I went completely numb, I was in total disbelief, and I ran out of the court room shaking and started  vomiting.”


At the young age of 16yrs old, Ashlee became independent. She would make sure she got herself to and from school, and that all of her assignments were complete. Although she had a support system from her family financially and emotionally, as well as the support of her friends, she said, “ No one could fill my moms shoes.” I am a realist, so when I heard them say that she was found guilty, I knew I was not going to be seeing her for a long time. She became financially independent at the age of 18yrs old, and began doing hair for extra income.


(Ashlee and her mother Lynette Blow)


Currently 24years old, Ashlee has not at all deterred from her original life goals, “My mother has always said you’re going to be a doctor, and I plan to do just that.” After graduating High School at the top of her class, she attended Kilgore College in Longview, TX, that she drove to everyday for an hour to achieve her LPN certificate. “My mother told me, no matter what, keep your eyes on the prize.

“ I see my mother once every 6 months, but it’s been a year since I’ve last seen her.”


“ Ashlee is a strong young lady, she was definitely sad of course, but she kept going, and did whatever she needed to do to keep herself afloat.” – Randolph Lee (Ashlee’s Uncle)


This January Ashlee will be attending North Western State University in Shreveport, LA in pursuit of her RN Bachelors Degree. “My mother is up for parole in 2020, and my goal is to be an RN before she gets out because I want to make her proud, she has been one of my main motivators.”


Ashlee Blow on the way to school Photo By: Ashlee Blow submitted to Metreaux Underground






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