Breaking the Stigma on Depression Diagnosis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1 out of 20 Americans 12 years of age and older have reported symptoms of depression. From 2009 to 2012 the total rate of depression increased by age from 5.7 percent among youth aged 12 -17 to 9.8 percent among adults aged 40-59, but adults aged 60 and over had a significantly lower rate of depression of 5.4 percent. Of each age group, women had the higher depression rate.

Tameisha “MiMi” Moore Louisiana native, public speaker, and author of Depression, Sex & Death, a 5 star rated book on, wrote her book to help bring awareness to the very real issues that suffering with depression can bring from her own experience. Depression, Sex and Death is a memoir about growing up too fast, and MiMi’s experience as a young girl having grown women experiences.

The book is leveled by the order in which her experiences began, starting with death, then lead to sexual promiscuity and ends with a depression diagnosis, and all that encompasses dealing with getting better and working through her pain to find her ultimate truth.

You may purchase this amazing book Depression, Sex & Death a Memoir by :  Tameisha “MiMi” Moore in the links below (They will be hyperlinked)…… Happy Reading!!!

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