Full-time RV living

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“Full-timing,” is the term  used to describe those living permanently in their RV’s with no stationary home or address.David Holsack is what those in the RV (Recreational Vehicle) lifestyle world calls a “ Show Dog”. This is a person who is an independent contractor for different manufactures that travels around the country to visit the various RV shows throughout the year. As a show dog, David travels all around the Country selling the RV lifestyle to those who are both seasoned and prospective owners. For seven years, David lived in a 5th wheel RV (also knows as a towable camper) full-time working for various companies promoting and attesting to the lifestyle. David Holsack says that he thoroughly enjoys full-timing and doesn’t plan on getting a house anytime soon. “ I’ve worked for various companies around the country living in a 5th wheel, I really enjoy it, it’s simple and very economical, and I don’t plan on getting a house anytime soon.”

Photo By: Myldred Elle, taken at the Tampa,FL RV Super Show 1/16/16 inside of a Berkshire RV / Metreaux Underground


Those that are opting for this non-conventional lifestyle lifestyle are looking to cut their cost of living and travel. Usually, the general population of full-timers has been retirees, but recently, many have chosen to not wait for traditional retirement to live the nomadic lifestyle. When asked, both full-timers and part-timers of all backgrounds have said that RV’ing is a simpler stress free way of living. So, do you actually save more money by living the nomadic lifestyle? And what are the advantages and disadvantages? Dave and Jackie Spierman say that they don’t like housing upkeep expenses, and that RV’ing allows them to travel the world and see whatever they desire, as well as having all utilities and most needed accessory items available at no cost. “We don’t like keeping up a house, and so one day we said well, if we bought an RV and lived in it we wouldn’t have all the expense of a house and we could travel wherever we wanted to around the country and see all of the things we’ve never seen. There’s no more cable bill, and there’s no more electric bill, you don’t pay for anything, everything is included.” Before making a decision, it is important to study the RV classes and have a thorough understanding of all that’s included in becoming a RV resident, and knowing all of your options to make the decision that would best fit your specific needs and wants whether your deciding to go full-time or part-time.







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