Youth Enrichment with a twist! w/ Entrepreneur Adam Barnes


Born in Long Island, NY, but raised in Central Florida. CEO and Founder of The National Step League and Step in School Inc. Adam Barnes, member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., and alumni of The University of Central Florida, is an up and coming business magnate, who began his company because he wanted “To create both economic and academic enrichment opportunities, through a nationalized platform for competitive step teams.” The National Step League promotes health and education, while simultaneously being an outlet for those who have interest in “non” traditional art forms.” The National Step League is a step competition program, comprised of over 400 step teams ranging from ages 9 to 21. Their competition series runs from Jan- Jun, progressing from state level to the regional level, and ultimately to their annual national championship. As a structured sports league consistent in scoring, metrics, and awards, their ultimate goal is to not only create a competition platform, but also, provide economic and academic opportunities through scholarships while also creating job and college opportunities for young adults.


Per it’s beginning, The National Step League has branched its competition platform to facilitate competitions in 20 different states and over 50 cities, making them the largest and broadest sports league for competitive stepping.


“When I got to college I started being exposed to black Greek life, so I started going to step shows, and when I would watch step shows, to me, it was such an amazing form of art, and it was something that I saw as being my niche, I observed it and said you know what, that’s for me.”


Step in School on the other hand provides quality, certified instructors in various areas of the arts and college preparatory services. They provide instruction in the following disciplines: Step, Theater, Hip Hop, Djembe Drum, Drum line, and College readiness. They support each discipline with their academic curriculum, which aligns the arts with both common core and after school enrichment goals. This they do to ensure their instructors are abreast in designing and implementing an effective learning environment that aids in schools or programs meeting their vital goals.


Their first competition will be held in Jacksonville, Fl, Sat. Jan 30th being their 5th annual North Florida Championship with teams coming from southern Georgia, North Florida and occasionally central Florida. For more information on registration or general inquiries, visit


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